Batteries at Ken Quine!

At Ken Quine we pride ourselves in being able to provide a wide selection of batteries to suit all of our customers’ needs. Given the current concern for the environment, we like to encourage environmentally friendly electricals. Our extensive range of Lithium and rechargeable batteries not only provides a green alternative to alkaline batteries, but many benefits for personal use too. With our current special offer – 50% off your first pack of rechargeable batteries when you buy any battery charger – now is the perfect time to make the change!

Lithium Batteries

Our ‘Energizer Lithium’ batteries are proven to pollute less than other batteries, are made from materials that do not pose an environmental threat and are also highly recyclable, meaning resources do not need to be depleted to manufacture new batteries. As well as the environmental benefits, Lithium batteries last on average around four times longer than their alkaline equivalents. They also have a higher voltage, meaning that it takes fewer cells, and overall batteries, to provide the same amount of power.

Rechargeable Batteries

Equally, our range of rechargable batteries are both environmentally and economically friendly. At competitive prices of £5.99 for 2 ‘UniROSS’ Rechargable ‘C’ batteries and £10.77 for 4 ‘AA’ GP batteries (plus 50% off when you buy any battery charger), you can be sure to save money over time by avoiding replacing old batteries. They can last up to 5x longer on each charge than disposable batteries when used in high drain devices like digital cameras. Also, as they can be reused up to 1000 times, each new charge prevents the purchase of a new battery and the disposal of an old one, providing both economic and evironmental benefits.

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