New Ceramic Knife collection at Ken Quine!

At Ken Quine we now have a new range of ceramic knives! These knives are part of the ‘Metaltex Ultrablade’ collection and include the Chef’s knife, the Santoku Chef’s knife and the Bread knife! The high quality of these knives is reflected by our very competitive prices of £21.99 (for the Chef’s knife), £22.99 (for the Santoku Chef’s knife) and £25.99 (for the bread knife). So when thinking of buying a high quality kitchen knife, come down to Ken Quine’s and benefit from our hugely competitive prices!

The ceramic bread knife

The ceramic chef’s knife

The ceramic Santoku chef’s knife

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  1. Ceramic Kitchen Knife says:

    knife are alway used in home. so tell me which is best.

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