We have a large range of baking sheets, trays, roasting tins,we also stock bun trays and muffin trays, flan tins and loaf tins in two sizes1lb and 2lb sizes, with loaf liners.

Other stock includes:

Baking sheets.

Muffin Trays.

Kitchen Utensils wood  & plastic.

Tin Openers.

Large selection of knives including Brands Prestige & kitchen Devil.

Metallic Knife racks

Traditional mixing bowls various sizes.

Pyrex bowls, plates, casseroles.

Microwave vegetable steamers.

Large selections of scales

Teapots: Stoneware + Metal

Chopping boards: Plastic, glass, wooden.

Colanders, sieves, funnels

Selection of cutlery sets + dinner sets

Mugs from Dunoon.

A complete range of cooking pans from including Judge, Horwood, Circulon, Le Crueset, Prestige.

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