Port Erin

Stuck for something to do? why not check out our calendar, see what is on and catch the steam train down to do some shopping and take a look at the breathtaking view.


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2 Responses to Port Erin

  1. Nicola Browne says:

    Cakes of Mann here, please can u order me the following cake stand:
    White ceramic cake stand

    I would like email confirmation that you have ordered the stand and it’s delivery lead time as this is for a wedding cake.

    Thanks in advance.

    Nicola Browne

  2. LeoC says:

    Hi Nicola, Best way to contact us is on our homepage http://www.kenquine.com at the bottom right there is contact form. Alternatively on our online shopping site at shop.kenquine.com. Otherwise just call us on 1624833933. Thanks.

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