Ready to start gardening? Well so are we with some fantastic Miracle-Gro and Osmocote on offer!

Our Miracle-Gro (1k and 500g) Azalea, Camellia and Rhododendron Soluble Plant Food is on 15% off! The 1K box is now £4.84 and the 500g box is now £3.19!

This plant food is specially formulated for ericaceous, acid-loving or lime-hating plants. It contains sequestered iron which is essential to prevent leafs yellowing and encourages healthy growth. One application will feed your plant for up to 6 months, removing the need for regular feeding!

Our Osmocote controlled release plant food was £9.59, but now you can buy a 1K box for £5.59!
Osmocote Controlled Release Plant Food is for healthy and beautiful garden plants! Each granule is coated with a unique resin that controls the nutritional release so that your plants get what they need when they need it for up to 6 months; This also makes Osmocote a great choice for garden vegetables, tomatoes, melons and berries!!

mircle grow osmokote

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