Selected energy saving light bulbs are now half price!

Our ‘omicron‘ energy saving light bulbs are replacements for standard light bulbs but with the advantage of being energy efficient. As energy saving light bulbs these smooth  lamps have a 10000 hour lifespan and save 80% on running costs. ‘Omicron‘ light bulbs will perform at 100% . They are suitable for general domestic, retail and commercial applications and have a lamp life of 8000 hours making them a win/win for your pocket and the environment!

Our range also diversifies in style, with our ‘Pickwick Candle’ offering a stylish alternative to conventional energy saving light bulbs. Create that charming vintage look in your decorative light fittings with these realistic candle shaped bulbs. Traditional lighting at its best whilst still saving the environment!

We also provide ‘Mazda Soft Glow’ energy saving light bulbs to create a soft light with a gentle hint of colour to add a finishing touch to your home. The soft subtle shades in teh ‘Mazda Softglow’ will enhance and complement any decor, highlighting colours and creating a mood of harmony and relaxation. They are ideal for bedrooms, living rooms and wherever a decorative look is required and can be used in all kind of fittings – table lamps, pendant fittings or wall lights.

So when buying you’re next light bulb, think environmentally and economically – buy our energy saving light bulbs whilst they’re half price!

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